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" Cycle-based training is about consistency. You should rather do 30 minutes every day rather than kill yourself with 4 hour rides over the weekend "
- Bradley Wiggins

" No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle " - Winston Churchill

Group Classes

Our group classes use road bikes with real-life videos and power-targeted training in a group setting! This is completely different to other training simulations such as Spinning, MyRide , etc. We use power profiles to precisely define the workout content, which has many advantages.

The difficulty of the ride is set by entering your own unique functional threshold power ("FTP" - your 1 hour maximum wattage, we will help you with this), so each rider in a group session may have a unique FTP according to their ability. The video then automatically adjusts the load applied to each bike, as a % of your personal FTP. Therefore all riders will execute the same workout at the same time, watching the same video display for the same duration.

Each rider receives exactly the same training benefit from the workout since it is linked to his or her unique FTP number. As a simple example, an effort of 110% FTP for 2 minutes feels exactly as difficult and has the same training benefit for a rider with a 200W FTP as another rider with 250W FTP, even though the first rider was forced to ride at 220W (110% of 200) and the second at 275W (110% of 250); each was exercising at 110% of their FTP.

The video will automatically hold you at your own variable power target, without you actually doing anything but pedal as hard as necessary to keep the wheels rolling. You don't have to make any manual adjustments or watch a number and try to hold it in-range, distracting you from the action. Indeed you have to be ready to respond to large or fast changes in power load, and our graphical interface and on-scren messages makes this very easy to understand. You pedal hard when the video forces you to, and rest when it releases. This way, you complete your power-based training on-target and on-time, every time!

We always present the video at normal real-time speed, regardless of your wheel speed. Remember, what matters most from a training perspective are power levels and your time spent at those power levels, distance and speed on a stationary trainer are irrelevant to your physical training benefit. If this sounds confusing, speak to us!

Our videos ensure that all riders in a session complete their workout at exactly the same time with the same physical benefit to each individual, as well as the same virtual reality experience. Nobody ever feels like the loser, nobody is ever less than the hero! You are taken "outside" and you feel nearly as excited as after an outdoor ride!

We also use music as an additional motivator! Each rider feels like the hero in the video, the point-of-view cameraman!

An example of a power based profile:

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Individual programs and fitness testing

UK Cycle Labs is a fitness research and development utility that integrates science with real world application!

We can perform the following fitness tests on a one-to-one basis:


Finding your FTP is a practical and effective way to determine and monitor your current cycling fitness level. We use a dedicated video based test and our studio equipment to measure this. The actual test takes place over 20 minutes, after a nice 20 minute warm up. From this we calculate your FTP and monitor your progress. Based on the data obtained, our clients receive individual power vs. time reports, power zones, heart rate zones, as well as training program recommendations.
We also run regular GROUP FTP sessions, as part of our normal schedule. It's guaranteed to get you motivated!


Hill climber, sprinter, time trialler? Find out what type of cyclist you really are!!

3. PEDAL SPIN SCAN Our high tech equipment and software provides analysis of your efficiency under various workloads and measures your pulling/pushing ratio and power output. We can examine the structure of your cadence, identifying both the stronger and weaker points of your pedal stroke. This test provides you with the information you need to become a better cyclist through improved pedalling technique.


When it comes to achieving your goals, fitness testing and training is only half of the plan. There is an abundance of information available in magazines and websites, however many provide conflicting advice and skewed research. We sort through the good and bad to provide you with honest advice on what your body actually needs for your event and/or goals. Our mission is to help your body become more efficient at burning fat during the day and during exercise. Every person will have a unique plan depending on their background, sport, body fat and goals.



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" It never gets easier, you just go faster " - Greg LeMond 3-time winner of Tour de France

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" Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live " - Mark Twain, author

Cycling and UK Cycle Labs - About

The latest news from British Cycling reports the following facts about cycling: "Cycling in the UK has never been in better health. 200,000 more people are cycling now than 12 months ago, according to Sport England's latest results from its Active People survey. Over 1.9 million people are now cycling at least once a week. Sport England's figures also show that participation among women has risen. 63,000 more women are cycling now than 12 months ago. This is thanks to initiatives like Sky Ride's Breeze - a British Cycling scheme aimed specifically at getting women back on their bikes".

Anyone already involved in cycling will be well aware of the fantastic health benefits. In case you are in any doubt, they are clearly stated by British Cycling as follows: "Whether you are tall or small, young or old - it doesn't matter, cycling is for everybody. Commuting on a bike at around 10-11 mph will burn about 400 calories per hour. Cycling gives the body a fast and energetic workout. There is a definite shaping, toning and firming of the thighs, the calf muscles and the pelvis region. Fat literally melts away and is replaced by muscle. Anxiety, stress and depression can all be alleviated by cycling, partly due to the physical activity itself, but also due to the pleasure and satisfaction of riding a bike".

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a time efficient, highly effective, easy-to-use and enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy, whether you are a cyclist or not. We aim to do this by making use of the latest knowledge base and cutting edge cycling technology, in conjunction with great videos, real bikes and useful fitness statistics.


It is evident that:
- The UK weather is not often ideal, severely limiting time spent outdoors on a bike
- Indoor cycle training alongside outdoor cycling will hugely accelerate the achievement of your fitness potential!

With this in mind, UK Cycle Labs was founded in 2013 in the UK by Roger White and Steve Stubbs (pictured below).
We are confident in the knowledge that our indoor cycling studios are UNIQUE IN THE UK and superior to anything else currently on offer to the public!!



Individual programs & testing

We can tailor an individual training program to meet your fitness goals. Also, we can carry out a detailed analysis of all aspects of your cycling fitness.

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Studio Hire Prices

Clubs, Groups, Fitness Instructors, Schools, etc. can hire the entire facility on a per hour, half day or per day basis, subject to availability.

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UK Cycle Labs Founders

Roger is an entrepreneur with a Science degree from University College London; he made several court appearances as an expert scientific witness before the age of 35
He has worked as a hedge fund strategist, oil trader, yacht broker, business analyst and software developer in top London banks.
Roger has huge experience in start-up businesses. He is also a keen cyclist and has spent much of his life involved in sport and fitness training.
UK Cycle Labs is a business extension of his enthusiasm for sport and fitness.

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Steve is from the corporate world of banking where he spent 12 years with Barclays and 26 years with Lloyds Bank, where he was ultimately responsible for a number of multi-million pound outsourced contracts.
He is a keen cyclist and sportsman and continues to exercise regularly.

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Cycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There is something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym ... Bill Nye the Science Guy

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